“Pie Was Involved.”

July 14, 2014 1:25 pm

We wrapped principal photography on The River Bride three weeks ago today. After the four incredible and exhausting days we spent on set, it's hard to believe that it's already been that long. The shoot was as wonderful as it was difficult. Privilege and misfortune held hands like a pair koalas in a storm, giving us all the idea that we were making something great… if we didn't die trying. There is a lot to say about the production, but the one thing I can say without a doubt is, this experience taught me more about myself than I knew I had to learn. 


We had a tiny, furiously dedicated crew who fought for the quality of this project with their blood, sweat and tears. I am still in awe of their skills, wonderful attitudes, and commitment to this film. They honored me in their care of my vision of the script and willingly did whatever needed to be done, regardless of what "job" they were on set to do. I am so humbled they kept showing up every day– until 5am, eating pizza off the floor of trucks, carrying sandbags into a dark forest, hauling gear up a mountain at sunrise, making whatever had to happen, happen.

We were a rag-tag circus of warriors who dominated in the face of chaos, and truly made something beautiful. I am so grateful and cannot wait to work with everyone again.


I have so many people to thank. I mean, literally, I have hundreds of people to thank.

I didn't know it was possible to be this grateful to others… perhaps because I've never asked for this much help before. Though I played opposite him in the film, the character Gene (played remarkably by JR Wickman,) struggles with many themes I've had a hard time with in my life. One of them being able to ask for help. Another was me stopping myself from going after what I wanted to do because the possibility of failure left me stricken with fear. Playing Amy, Gene's inspiration to change, was like having conversations with myself as a version of myself I wanted to be. And, the act of publicly announcing I was making this, and asking for a lot of help, was me learning to become her in real life.

I also learned about leadership, what it means, what it looks like, why it's necessary, and that not only was I capable of it, but that I always had been. I just had to embrace it. 

Unabashedly asking for help via a kickstarter was one of the hardest things about this experience for me. It was asking people to have faith in me, and, it was telling others that I had faith in me. When we made our goal it was like being group-hugged by a unicorn and bearshark while falling from a diving board into an ice cold ocean of confetti, but it looked like screaming and crying with the windows down going 80 on an LA freeway. I was overwhelmed with happiness… and totally terrified.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single person who donated, shared, worked on, and supported this project, making it a reality. I can only hope that the film we show you, along with the lessons I learned put into action, are enough to demonstrate how much it was not taken for granted.

Post Production is being completed in Los Angeles by GearYard. The River Bride short film exists!

More to come…

Here are a few sneak-peek raw images from the footage. Nothing has been color corrected.