What did Sam Sing About?

July 11, 2012 4:35 pm

I try not to discuss the jobs I do until they come out, because you never know what will happen. You never know if you will “make” the final edit or not. The reality can be hard to swallow as an actor that they are making a whole spot, and aren’t concerned about getting everyone’s face in.

I booked this job the night before I shot it. While that can be common, it’s never happened to me before, so I was floored it was happening so quickly. Here’s the photo I sent my mom when I found out:

In the blink of an eye it was 6am and I was in my car on my way to set. I was proud of myself for sleeping at all, as I get very excited to go to set. Feels like going home for Christmas without having to buy anyone anything. It’s like going somewhere where everyone knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

It’s like going to do the thing you love to do… and getting paid for it. 


I always feel like a nervous kid on the first day of school when I walk onto set, sporting my new backpack and not wanting anyone to see the locker combo sweating off my palm.


I do know what I’m doing on set, (to the point that I’m occasionally shocked how some actors think it’s appropriate to behave…) but, I get nervous all the same. Excited nervous. Excitervous. Like, shaking up a can of soda and delicately placing it in your lunch box. It probably won’t explode… but it might.


To cope with these nerves, I stand awkwardly close to a group of people so it looks like I’m included, but just far enough away the group doesn’t notice I’m hover-hanging out. I call it the ‘frorbit.’ We all assume our planet and the moon are pals… but, has anyone checked with the Earth? Exactly. Frorbit. Orbit your friends you didn’t know you had. You’re welcome.

Then… we shoot, and it’s time to play.


This was my family. Lovely people. Always interesting to discover that everyone’s journey as an actor is as different as it is similar. The guy in red, who had the lines, was called the night before like I was. We both were excited for him that in a beautiful twist of commercial fate, he was given the lines. He had experienced being booked weeks in advance only to get cut out all together, so it made me happy to see someone on the winning end of the spectrum after knowing what the disappointing side feels like. It was high five city, and a great reminder that there is a whole ebb and flow thing to this business. 

After 6 straight hours of shooting, we had a little break. 


There is a lot of “waiting” on sets. Our set happened to be a non-functioning hospital. I… couldn’t help myself. 


12 hours later. Movie magic! It’s still day light from the windows outside! I’ve been on enough sets to officially not think any of this is cool anymore… but, I’m still waiting for it to wear off. NEAT-O EVERYTHING. This was me finding out I was wrapped.   

Then I wait. And try not to get my hopes up.

Yesterday, I stumbled across an article discussing the launch of the new Samsung phone. (SO that’s what Sam was singing about!) To the internet machine! Low and behold… I made the final edit.

This is exactly what my face looked like when I saw I was in the commercial.


Kudos to all my family members. We were fighting over a phone for 6 hours. It was very hot, very sweaty, and very technical. 



The career path of an actor is like following a line made by scotch-taping chalk to a cat’s tail and letting it go in a warehouse with 6 mice. It can be frustrating, exhilarating and down right depressing. However, I feel lucky every day I have the opportunity, and support from my family and friends, to pursue something that is called a dream.