Say Cheese!

February 21, 2012 11:43 am

2nd ISM MODE Foto+Shewt! 

After collaborating with ISM Mode several weeks ago, we shot again, this time for her look book. 

It was a blustery LA day, which made me grateful for the space heater they set up for me. 

We had many items to shoot so, the shoot began early and we only shot each piece for a matter of minutes. I had worked late the night before making coffee my holy grail of caffeine; while, the lovely and talented Veronica Nunez did my hair and makeup. 


Once we hit our rhythm we shot at the speed of light colored slacks! Change! Snap! Snap! Change! While it was exhausting, the crew was delightful to work with and kept the mood light and cheery. 


The clothes were inventive, beautiful and also insanely comfortable… which in my experience, is rare. 

While the shoot was a lot of work, it was a lot fun. They even let me pull a dinosaur pose, (or three) AND get a little silly with brooms and heroic superhero poses. My kind of people, for sure. 


(I can haz front cover?)

Inka was kind enough to give me one of her lovely black dresses, (which I promptly wore that night,) and she showed me some amazing images from our 1st shoot. I can't wait to share them eventually!

Check off my 2nd super positive modeling experience in LA! A girl could get used to this…