150,000 views! And only 1,000 of them are my Mom!

January 26, 2012 1:29 pm

I made a video…  

I've made a lot of videos in my day, including a 17 episode web series. However, none has received attention like my most recent, "Shit Everybody Says to TALL Girls."

Everyone by now is aware of the "shit someone says to someone" meme. Some are tired of it, some are addicted to it, whatever. I find it funny and when it started, the windows of opportunity were blown open by the screaming curious voices of all who ask me questions, tease me, and define me by my height. 

I wrote it (thanks to Chad Carter who added some hilarious lines,) woke up early, dug out my costume/prop box that would make any 11 year old girl drool with envy and filmed it. (I ended up pulling the muscles in my neck from holding the camera above my head…because I'm pretty good at doing things.) 

As it turns out, a lot of tall people, women AND men, share the same experiences of constantly being asked about their stature.  So much that I just did a little interview for a tall-ladies blog that contacted me about it. I had a great time writing it and I'll share the interview once it's posted. 

It's been an incredible experience to connect with people similar to myself, and be able to give encouragement to younger tall girls who feel awkward about it. I've realized there is whole community of tall women thanks to the internet! It might just be an elongated amazon cult, but if it is, I cannot wait to earn my giraffe honor badges!