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A contentious family is lured home when their dying mother threatens to cut them from the will if they don’t come to dinner.

Caitlyn’s most recent feature, “All The Spoils…” is the dysfunction of The Royal Tanenbaums, meets the humor of Pulp Fiction. It’s a character heavy, dark comedy that takes place in one location in the span of a few hours.

2016 Slamdance Reader Feedback, re: All The Spoils…:

“A wonderful script that brings out the best of family dinner dramedies. …great through-line that keeps the script moving along, and has all the bickering that any family drama could want. Abby’s stakes are particularly interesting, adding nice tension to the situation. …a great script that is entertaining and engaging to read to the last page.”

Find it on The Black List, or request to read it here.

2015 Nicholl Fellowship Reader Comments, re: feature, Mars Or Bust:

“The writer has a gift for dialogue and she can write comedy so big thumbs up there.”
“This script is high spirited, sweet, and fun.”
“The characters are well defined and the story line is executed in a linear fashion. The premise is wonderfully unique as well.”
“…this could be an emotionally satisfying funny buddy movie where the description is sometimes a little unrealized but often is as clever as the dialogue itself.”

IMDB Reviews re: Caitlyn’s one-woman web-series, DORKS.

“Watching Dorks is like eating a bag of chips, you’ll never be satisfied with just one episode. Great writing, interesting characters, and a beautiful, talented actress make this show a must watch.”

“The writers have gone to great lengths to keep what in less deft hands could be cliché characters fresh with little nuggets of comedic gold interspersed in the dialogue, which is expertly delivered. I challenge you not to fall in love with this series and its star, Caitlyn Larimore.”


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