Caitlyn was born and raised in Oregon and sometimes wishes she never left. She loves the rain and trees and kindness of Portland, and hates the rage-inducing traffic and the acceptance of leggings as pants in Los Angeles. However, the concrete jungle offers her many things no other place can; primarily the opportunity to grow as an artist.

She has worked on feature films, recurred on national television, and been featured in countless national ad campaigns, all in addition to her tireless effort to create original content. She’s written, produced, edited and starred award-winning short films as well as a one woman web-series where she played five distinct and absurd characters. She also hates writing about herself in the third person.

Caitlyn probably knows more about dinosaurs than you; and, because you will ask: she never played basketball. She was always picked last in gym class.

Management: Haven Entertainment | Amy Slomovits | 323.272.3433

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